Three Months of My Life

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J. F. Foster (c1840-c1870) was the author of: Three Months of My Life (1873). "In laying the following pages before the public, I do so with a feeling that they will be read with interest, not only by


those who knew the writer, but those to whom the scenes described therein are known, and also those who appreciate a true description of a country which they may never have the good fortune to see. We are all familiar with Kashmir in the "fanciful imagery of Lalla Rookh, " at the same time may not object to reading an account-with a ring of truth in itof that lovely land, lovely and grand, beyond the power of poets to describe as it really is, so travellers say. Readers will see that Mr. Foster intended to have published this Diary himself had he been spared to reach England, he has offered any apology that is necessary, so I will say nothing further than to state, the daily entries were kept in a pocket-book written in pencil, occasionally a word is not quite legible, that will account for any little inaccuracy. "

Three Months of My Life
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