Three People

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Isabella MacDonald Alden (Pansy) (1841-1930) was an American author. She wrote: Helen Lester (1865), Bernie's White Chicken (1867), Tip Lewis and His Lamp (1867), Ester Ried: Asleep and Awake (1870),


Docia's Journal (1871), Three People (1871), Julia Ried (1872), The King's Daughter (1873), Household Puzzles (1874), Divers Women (with Mrs C. M. Livingston) (1880), A New Graft on the Family Tree (1880), Next Things and Dorrie's Day (1880), People Who Haven't Time (1880), That Boy Bob (with Faye Huntigton) (1880), Ester Ried: Yet Speaking (1883), The Man of the House (1883), Pansy's Home Story Book (1883), Side by Side (1883), Christie's Christmas (1884), An Endless Chain (1884), A Hedge Fence (1884), An Hour with Miss Streator (1884), Interrupted (1884), New Year's Tangles (1884), Pansy's Stories of Child Life (1884-1889), Gertrude's Diary (1885), In the Woods and Out (1885), One Commonplace Day (1886), The Browning Boys (1886), Spun from Fact (1886), Stories and Pictures from the Life of Jesus (1886), Eighty-Seven (1887) and many other works.

Three People
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