Throne of Glass

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ida says:
Fantastic book! Celaena is a strong female character who has grown up as an assassin. She was betrayed and arrested for breaking the law and as punishment, sent to work in the mines where no survives for very long. However, she defies the odds and does survive until the day that the prince and the captain of the guard appear to escort her to the castle where she will fight in a tournament to become the King's Champion. If she wins, she will serve the King for a set number of years and then granted her freedom. Losing means either death or a return to the mines to work until she does die. She has no choice but to participate...MoreLess
Throne of Glass
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Guest 7 months ago

After reading the A Court of Thorns And Roses series, I wanted to read more by Sarah J. Maas, and I was not disappointed! This was such a great series! I recommend to anyone who read the ACOTAR series and enjoyed it!

Guest a year ago


AnamCara 8 months ago

I’m over halfway done and was hoping to read it on my iPhone instead of my laptop. However, lines get cut on edges so reading complete sentences is impossible. Wish someone would optimize books for mobile devices like phones

Guest a year ago

BEST BOOK EVER!!!! I've read this series like five times a month. I've never seen such a complex plot, but then again I haven't lived that long.

Guest a year ago

guys for some reason the next button doesn't work for me, so I can't read any further from the page that I am on, but the thing is that I can go back a page, but not further. know anything that could help? I've tried refreshing an all.

Guest 10 months ago

that happens when you get to the end of the book

Guest a year ago

Great read!! The imagery was very good and easy to get lost in!! Great job!!
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