Throwing-Sticks in the National Museum

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Col. Lane Fox tells us there are three areas of the throwing-stick: Australia, where it is simply an elongated spindle with a hook at the end; the country of the Conibos and the Purus, on the Upper Am


azon, where the implement resembles that of the Australians, and the hyperborean regions of North America.It is of this last group that we shall now speak, since the National Museum possesses only two specimens from the first-named area and none whatever from the second.The researches and collections of Bessels, Turner, Boas, Hall, Mintzner, Kennicott, Ray, Murdoch, Nelson, Herendeen, and Dall, to all of whom I acknowledge my obligations, enable me to compare widely separated regions of the hyperborean area, and to distinguish these regions by the details in the structure of the throwing-stick.

Throwing-Sticks in the National Museum
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