Torchy, Private Sec.

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TAKES A CHANCE Say, I expected that after I got to be a salaried man, with a swing-chair in Mr. Eobert's private office, I'd be called on only to pull the brainy stuff, calm and dignified, without any outside chasm' around. I had a soothin' idea it would be a case of puttin' in my mornin's dicta tin' letters to gen'ral managers, and my afternoons to holdin' interviews with the Secretary of the Treasury, and so on. I was lookin' for plenty of high-speed domework, but nothin' more wearin' on the arms than pushin' a call button or usin' a rubber stamp. But somehow I can't seem to do finance, or anything else, without throwin' in a lot of extra pep. No matter how I start, first thing I know I'm mixed up with quick action, and as likely as not gettin' my clothes mussed. This last stunt, though?believe me I couldn't have got more thrills if I'd joined a circus! It opens innocent enough too. I was moochin' around the bondroom when I happens to glance over the transfer book and notices that a big block of our debenture 6's are listed as goin' tothe Federated Tractions. And the name of the party who's about to swap the 6 's for Tractions preferred is a familiar one. It's Aunty's. Uh- huh?Vee 's 1 Maybe you remember how Aunty played up her skittish symptoms about them same bonds a few weeks back, the time she planned to exhibit me to Vee in my office boy job and got so badly jolted when she finds me posin' as a private sec instead? Went away real peeved, Aunty did that time. And now it looks like she was takin' it out by unloadin' her bond holdin's. It's to be some swap too, runnin' up into six figures. "Chee!" thinks I. "That's an income, all right, with Tractions payin' between 7 and 9, besides cuttin' a melon now and then." They have their gen'ral o...

Torchy, Private Sec.
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