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Eliza Lee Follen (1787-1860), nee Cabot was an American author. She was the daughter of one of Boston's most prominent families. In 1830, she married Charles Follen, a German poet who moved to the Uni


ted States in 1824. The Follens had a house built on the corner of Follen Street in Cambridge. Their family Christmas tree attracted the attention of the English writer Harriet Martineau during her long visit to the United States, and the Follens have been claimed by some as the first to introduce the German custom of decorated Christmas tree to the United States. In 1841, she published a five-volume collection of her husband's papers and a biography. Her other works include: Hymns for Children (1825), Little Songs (1833), Poems (1839) and Hymns, Songs and Fables for Young People (1846).

Travellers Stories
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