Treasure Island

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In the middle of the eighteenth century a gang of thugs and several Englishmen set off for the search of a pirates’ buried treasures. A mysterious map, belonging to some famous, now dead, pirate, who


pointed the location of the treasure on a desert island, becomes the reason of sinister conspiracy, puzzling murders and other captivating events.
An example of classic adventure novel from one of the most-read adventure novelists of the late 1800s, a Scottish poet, essayist and travel writer Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson. “Treasure Island”, published in 1883, was immensely popular, and surely still is; it was this work that brought world renown to Stevenson. The story is considered to be a standard of pirate novel, which have been one of the most admirable books of several generations of the youth.

Treasure Island
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