Upland Game Birds

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UPLAND GAMETHE PARTRIDGE FAMILYClass Aves - Order Gallinae (gallinaceous birds-scratching on the ground like domestic fowl-also called Rasores, from the Latin "rasor," a scraper) : having fowl-like fe


et.Family Tetraonidce- Grouse, partridges, quails, etc. Sub-families - Odontophorituz (American partridges) and Tetraonina (grouse and ptarmigan).Genus Colincs, which includes (i) the Bob White, C. virginianus; (2) Texas Bob White, C. v. texanus; (3) Florida Bob White, C. v. floridanus; (4) Masked Bob White, C. ridgivayi.Family Type - Body short, rounded, giving a plump appearance; feathers of crown slightly rounded and erectile, but not forming a true crest. Tail about three-fifths length of wing. Flight vigorous, whirring. Numbers 1,2, and 3 much alike, sexes also showing close resemblance, except in color of throats and superciliary stripes. In color C. ridgwayi differs broadly from others. C. virginianus-total length, about 9! inches; wing, 4|; tail, 2|; tarsus, billTable of Contents CONTENTS; UPLAND GAME By Edwyn Sandys THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY; PAGB; The Quail i; The Shooting of the Quail 30; Near the End of the Season 64; The Enemies of the Quail 69; A Day over Dogs 73; The Florida Bob-white 85; The Texan Bob-white 87; The Masked Bob-white 89; The Partridges 91; The Mountain Partridge 91; The Plumed Partridge 93; The San Pedro Partridge 94; The Scaled Partridge 94; The Chestnut-bellied Scaled Partridge 96; The California Partridge 96; The Valley Partridge 100; Gambel's Partridge 101; The Massena Partridge 104; THE GROUSE FAMILY; The Ruffed Grouse 108; Some Glimpses of Grousing 132; vi Contents; PACE; Sabine's Grouse *43; The Canadian Ruffed Grouse 144; The Gray Ruffed Grouse r4&~; The Dusky Grouse 147; The Sooty Grouse lS2; Richardson's Grouse J53; The Canada Grouse *53; Franklin's Grouse; The Prairie-Hen; A Match at Chickens l77; The Heath-Hen *92; The

Upland Game Birds
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