Venus in Furs

Cover of book Venus in Furs
Venus in Furs
Sacher-Masoch Leopold Ritter Von
Categories: Nonfiction

A perfect erotic tale. Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch's "Venus In Furs" is interesting and eccentric. Drowning in wonder and suspense, the love affair between Severin von Kusiemski and Wanda von Dunajew, b


ecomes a real roller coaster ride of desire and emotion. The obsessive fantasy to be enthralled and brutalized by the woman he loves becomes a fierce reality for poor old Severin. As incredible Wanda slowly becomes excited and captivated by the idea of fulfilling her role in his fantasy, a role that previously made her shrug and laugh, she eventually transforms herself into the controlling dominatrix of Severin's dreams - by becoming more ideal at the sadomasochistic lifestyle than he had ever dreamed was possible. As Severin becomes the ever so content and happy slave, this tug-of-war between self-esteem and power begins to twist and turn with the innocent and deadly psychological games played out between the two. Written more than a hundred years ago, this psychodrama of love, bound by the perverted desires of one and the demon lying dormant within the other, was artfully done.

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