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ome one threw telegraphic waste From windows in the night, And Trinity's grave elms were laced, Next day, with strips of white. Each sparrow took its shares of stocks To line a downy nest, Love messages, like fairies' locks, Fell on each dead man's breast. The church bore tidings to the town Upon its fingers taper, And old John Watts's metal gown Bloomed out afresh in paper. But where's the rest? What tide of space Has borne the grave, the tender, The hopeful thoughts which lightnings trace To speed them for the sender? Toll out, great chimes of deathless doom, Above the Sunday street, For human prayer there still is room, Where man and heaven meet. Though many a faint, despairing thought Upon the tombstones lie, The rest by airy hands are caught, And wafted to the sky. SCANDINAVIAN GOSPEL. The old Norwegians wondered how The pillars of the earth could bow; They asked what tides through heaven run; What spell commands the midnight sun; And so they told how Thor went out To spy the universe about. He left the land of sun and flowers, And, armed with his creative powers, He took the hammer in his hand, And wandered into Chaos land. He found what giant forms there are, Whose roof-tree is the polar star; He felt fierce Hecla's scathing breath; Like men he felt the hug of death; When Outer-Darkness showed its eyes, He gripped the monster like a vise. Then the great orbing planet swerved, The whole ecliptic bent and curved, The frozen hosts of horror fled, And midnight hid its vanquished head. Men's heroes, with the spoils they've won, Newton, and Watt, and Edison Have lion hearts and eye of lynx, To conquer nature's subtle sphinx, And fo...

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