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Written by the author of world-famous "Jane Eyre", "Villette" is considered to be one of the finest Charlotte Bronte’s works. The book tells the story of a young teacher at a girls school in the Frenc


h town of Villette named Lucy Snow and is superbly told by Mandy Weston. This tale is of an inwardly emotional journey than anything eventfully culminating or epically engaging. Plot-wise, this merely treks the path of a young English woman completely alone in the world gaining her livelihood in a girls' school on the European continent. Affecting the treads of that path are those, come by choice or commitment, closest to her: her voyeuristic employer Madame Beck, friends - privileged & affectionate childhood companion Polly and conceited & light-headed fellow student Ginerva - the handsome & winsome Dr. John, and temperamental & eccentric professor M. Paul. It's truly an inward journey- a seeking and finding of one's own identity: the heroine - enthralled in a life as outwardly merciless as it is inwardly rich - is undeniably endearing, her story wrought with so many sparkles of pain, so few of bliss.

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