Walking-Stick Papers

Cover of book Walking-Stick Papers
Walking-Stick Papers
Holliday, Robert Cortes, 1880-1947
Categories: Nonfiction

Reprinted in part from various periodicals Prologue: On carrying a cane.--The fish reporter.--On going a journey.--Going to art exhibitions.--A roundabout paper.--That reviewer "cuss."--Literary levit


ies in London.--Henry James, himself.--Memories of a manuscript.--"You are an American."--Why men can't read novels by women.--The dessert of life.--A clerk may look at a celebrity.--Caun't speak the language.--Hunting lodgings.--My friend, the policeman.--Help wanted--male, female.--Human municipal documents.--As to people.--Humours of the book shop.--The deceased.--A town constitutional.--Reading after thirty.--Epilogue: On wearing a hat

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