What is Darwinism?

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The theories of evolution and natural selection presented by Charles Darwin and his supporters in the mid to late 1800's evoked manifold reactions among Christians: acceptation and arguing, modifying,


misunderstanding, or misinterpreting the regulations Darwinism. As well as absolute denial of the teaching, as a harmful and destructive for Christianity. A work of the principal of Princeton Theological Seminary between 1851 and 1878, Charles Hodge, became one of the brightest responses on the subject. Quoting extensively from Darwin’s major works, he represents Darwin's theory with sufficient accuracy, answering the main question: Darwinism is Atheism. Hodge was an ardent opponent of Darwinism, considering it to be an utter atheistic teaching. He devoted two of his works to Darwin’s theory, the first being “Systematic Theology” in 1872.

What is Darwinism?
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