When Egypt Went Broke

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When Egypt Went Broke belongs to the pen of Holman Francis Day (1865-1935), an outstanding American writer and journalist who worked for such popular newspapers and magazines as the Lewiston Journal,


the Boston Herald, he Lewiston Daily Sun. Among his works it is possible to name the following: Up in Maine, Pine Tree Ballads, Kin O''Ktaadn, Rainy Day Railroad War, The Eagle Badge, King Spruce , The Ramrodders, The Skipper and the Skipped, The Red Lane: A Romance of the Border, The Landloper , Blow the Man Down, Kavanagh''s Clare, The Rider of the King Log, All-Wool Morrison, When Egypt Went Broke, and Joan of Arc of the North Woods. When Egypt Went Broke is devoted to the life of a banker and the village situated in New England. The plot of the book is quite dramatic and at the same time it includes a number of funny scenes.

When Egypt Went Broke
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