When Grandmamma Was New

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excerpt from the book..It was Fritz who said it first, and when he was three years younger thanhe is now.Somebody asked him what sort of stories he liked best. No doubt he oughtto have said "Bible Sto


ries," such as his mother tells on Sundayafternoons, and which he does love dearly. But he spoke out what hereally thought and felt at the time of asking, and said, "I like, bestof all, to hear about what happened when Grandmamma was New."The phrase tickled my fancy, and, thenceforward, I would have no othertitle for the sight-draughts made by the boys upon my bank of memory.When these "vouchers" grew into a volume, no name would serve my turnexcept the _mot de famille_ set in circulation by the quaintfive-year-old.

When Grandmamma Was New
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