Wild West Poems

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HERE lived a chap in Tesas once, Snmed Ihomas Sulli. nn, Folks calculate thet Tonliny was The head boss ugly man. This luckless coon he was s boy IVith such 311 ugly DCC, het anyone he inet at iligllt


ould quicken up his pace. Now Toill was great on grizzly bars, Hed yank up mighty pnrns About them thct vould illake you stare, They were so full of darns. But one he told to us surpassed In horror all the rest It was by far the tallest one IVith which we have been blest. Twas this-Thet how one day he rode Upor1 his noble hoss, Feeling thet he of all the whole Creation was the boss. 2 Concez- ti zg that Bar nnd Tom Sullivax. IThen on a suddent he espied The mightiest grizzly bar Hed ever set his peepers on, And up went every hair. The bar saw Tomnly too, yew bet Tom lit down off his hoss He made tracks slick, yew bet your boots, And hid among the moss. The Coroners inquest,-thets the bar,-Fust sot upon the hoss, And chaived hinl up, and then he went Fur Tom, the second course. Thet child was squatted side a stump, Hed said his prayers thrice Hed betted all his pile thet hed Be gobbled in a trice. But, fust, yew bet, he thought thet he Would quarrel fur his life, So when he found hed dropped his gun, He grabbed his boivie knife. They hed a 20-furlong race, And Tomnly didnt win The b7ar rolled after him, just like A waggon load of sin. The bar knocked Tommy down and made Him flatter than a bun He kicked his bon-ie out of sight, And then began the fun. His seven-shooter Tom had dropped Right at the fust set out So he made up his mind tew hev A fisticuffing bout. Tom stuck his spurs into the bar Old Ephraim only smiled But he bit Tonlnly fur his cheek, IVhich tllade thet nigger wild. Toin cussed and swore n-ith all his strength, Eut didnt quit the fight. The bar he gathered Tominy in, And hugged with all his might. He grabbed fur Tommys beaky nose And sucked it in like jam, IYhich made thet nigger use bad words, Some of which rhymed with Sam. His rifle Ton n coyu ldnt get Twas just a bit too far Besides, yew see, it wasnt thc Intention of thet bar 4 CO ZC th lz t BZn rI a Z pz , d To . lr t Sztllivn. Tew let youlig lon1n1y go just yet - The old iniquity - But cla ved thet coon right do vn his phiz IVhich spiled it, dont yer see. They fit right snlart from Saturday Intew thc othcr week, And then I caiculate they got Tired of each others cheek. Vhen thet bar found thet he could not Shorten the niggers life, He got real mad, and then they had The awfullcst sortur strife. He thought, at any rate, hed sl ile The beauty of thc cc on. And so he set about thc I-ork And did it mighty soon...

Wild West Poems
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