With Haig On the Somme

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David Harold Parry (1868-1950) was the British author of: For Glory and Renown: A Story of the Wars (1895), Britain's Roll of Glory; or, The Victoria Cross (1895), The Death or Glory Boys: The Story o


f the 17th Lancers (1899), Food for Powder: A Tale of the Light Dragoons (1899), The Golden Glory: A Tale of the Days of Edward the Boy King (1906), Kit of the Carabineers: A Soldier of Marlborough's (1912), The VC, its Heroes and Their Valour (1913), The Tale of a Tambour, and How He Made Some Noise in the World (1913), The Scarlet Scouts: A Story of the Great War (1915), With Haig on the Somme (1917), Gilbert the Outlaw (1917), Hussars of the Wolf (1921), The Scarlet Pikemen (1921), The Siege of Blackmere Moat House (1921), A Loyal Young Rebel (1925), The Sunken Million (1926), Sabre and Spurs!: A Tale of the Peninsular War (1926) and The Little Regiment (1928).

With Haig On the Somme
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