Wolf Hall

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Henry VIII was wishing to get a divorce from his life and marry Anne Boleyn but this was against the rules of the church. Therefore the king stirred up a conflict with the church opposing its power wh


ich caused religious, political and social disorder in the 16th-century Europe. Mantel makes a brave endeavor to depict the destructive intrigues of that time from the point of view of Thomas Cromwell who was born in a poor family but rose to an advisor of Henry VIII. Cromwell's beginnings are somewhat doubtful as he is described as being often beaten by his father, fighting for the French, studying law, mastering French, Latin and Italian. In this novel facts and fiction are entwined. The atmosphere of that time is described very precisely. Mantel introduces famous historic personalities like Henry VIII; his wife, Katherine of Aragon; the charming Boleyn sisters; and conflicting Thomas More. However, the novel contains a number of unnecessary details of all Henry's political victories and failures which outshine the personal story of Cromwell and his role in the epoch of the creation of the Church of England.

Wolf Hall
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