Woman's Life in Colonial Days

Cover of book Woman's Life in Colonial Days
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‘Woman's Life in Colonial Days’ is a very informative book by Carl Holliday. This is an extremely interesting study on women of the Colonial period and on how women were viewed in the beginning of the


20th century. The author tries to find out what was the life for women in colonies. The book compares their lives to the life of modern women, at least those modern women who lived in the 1920s. Studying letters, diaries and other sources the book gets into marriages, everyday life, social problems, religion, education, home life. Sometimes rough, always hard, but also full of hope and passion, the book opens the door to the lives of such great women as Dolly Madison, Martha Washington, and Eliza Pinckney, along with the thousands of women who lived in Boston, Charleston, Philadelphia, and New York.

Woman's Life in Colonial Days
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