Wuthering Heights

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An English novelist and poet Emily Jane Brontë (1818 –1848) is now best remembered for her novel “Wuthering Heights”, a classic of English literature. The book saw the light of the day in 1847, a


year before the author’s death, and was not estimated at its true worth inter vivos. The plot of the novel is not complicated on the face of it: there are two estates, one embodying trouble and wild feelings, the second – harmonious and calm living, house cosiness. An utter romantic personage is set at the heart of the narration, which is built on the fateful interweaving of these two worlds. A tragic story of love, strange and destructive passion, of fate, will and human nature, makes us understand that some human laws are eternal, they do not disappear and do not depend on changing epochs.

Wuthering Heights
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