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E MANLY HEART" SlNG me not thy madrigal, Love hath wedded sorrow, Buds that shattered are to-day Cannot bloom to-morrow. Blossoms that delight the tree Are but poorly cherished, If they fade disconsolate And lie sadly perished. Surely, if some graces be Very far above her, Tis her frailty maketh but Better cause to love her. AFTER READING " THE MANLY HEART" When I see the day-morn ride O'er the western willow, Looking through the morning sky Down upon my pillow, To its evening glory then All my heart is turning And to her that keepeth still All my heart a-burning. Sing me not thy madrigal, For I saw in sleeping, Love had tears within her eyes, Love that was a-weeping. PICTURES IN SEASON GRAY sky, gray sea, A white sail slipping listlessly Over the quiet heave Of the water that catches the light on the rise Ere it rolls to the trough and in dull drab dies. ?The sail is lost in the dreary skies. Gray fields, gray sky, A white-plumed bird wings slowly by Seeking the banished sun. Now a bird, now a shape, now a dot on the gray; PICTURES IN SEASON It is gone, there is only the fading day Whose death-song moans in the guant tree's sway. Gray eyes, gray gown, A glance?the lashes sweeping down Rest on a white, white cheek. As a picture that trembles through up- welling tears Is effaced in the sobbing, so disappears This fancy, too, in the mist of years.DOWN THE ROAD We passed in silence down the road To where a narrow footpath led Aslant the pasture-land, that showed The quivering heat of July's sun Against the hillsides green ahead. In silence, for the weeks had gone Unheeded in the happiness That comes of friendship's treasures won, Till all unmarked the time had come For separation, merciless.... --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

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