Yorkshire Ditties, Second Series

Cover of book Yorkshire Ditties, Second Series
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excerpt from the book....Th' Better Part.A poor owd man wi' tott'ring gait,Wi' body bent, and snowy pate, Aw met one day;--An' daan o' th' rooad side grassy banksHe sat to rest his weary shanks;An' aw


, to wile away my time,O'th' neighbouring hillock did recline, An' bade "gooid day."Said aw, "Owd friend, pray tell me true,If in your heart yo niver rue The time 'ats past?Does envy niver fill your breastWhen passin fowk wi' riches blest?An' do yo niver think it wrangAt yo should have to trudge alang, Soa poor to th' last?"

Yorkshire Ditties, Second Series
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