Yr Ynys Unyg

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Julia Cecilia nee Collinson Stretton, later Mrs. Marsh and Mrs. de Winton (1812-1878) who also wrote under the pseudonym A Friend, was a British author and writer of children's books. She was the daug


hter of Rev. John Collinson and Amelia King. Her works include: Yr Ynys Unyg; or, The Lonely Island (1852), Woman's Devotion (1855), Margaret and Her Bridesmaids (1856), The Lady of Glynne (1857), Mr. and Mrs. Asheton (1860), The Valley of a Hundred Fires (1860), The Ladies of Lovel-Leigh (1862), The Queen of the County (1865), Lords and Ladies (1866) and Three Wives (1868).

Yr Ynys Unyg
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